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What are you building? A Hot Rod? A Race Car? A Rock Crawler? Mud Truck? A Classic Restoration? A Classic car with Modern Internals? Shortening your Semi or Dump Truck? Whether you're mating a Ford 9" Rear end to a Chevrolet Turbo 400 Transmission, or need a shaft to fit in your sky high 4 wheel drive? We've got you covered!

Doing this for over 41 years we have run into countless needs and combinations. Experience is the key to our ingenuity. If the need you have is physically possible to achieve, here at Driveline Specialists we have the will and determination to build it.

Please call with any questions you may have, our friendly and experienced staff is willing to help. Don't know how to properly measure a driveshaft?  Give us a call and we will help you. Unsure if your transmission can be matched to your rear differential?  Give us a call.

Though a driveshaft may "seem" like a very simple and standard part, they are not. There is not much room for "guess" work when it comes to building driveline components. That "simple" driveshaft transfers the power from the engine to the business ends of your vehicle or machinery. If it is not built and designed correctly, your vehicle or machinery will not function properly. We believe in doing it once and doing it right.

From Aluminum to Steel, from the large to small, we are confident we have the tools, technology and experience to build the custom shaft or shafts you need.

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